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A Semi-Pro Football Team Taking Katy by Storm

Are you a sports lover looking to rediscover the glory of playing football? Do you love supporting your favorite local football team? Sink your claws into The Katy Shadowcats. Whether you want to try out for the team or just wish to watch the games, we want you to get behind our organization. Home games are held at West Elm High School and cost only $5 to attend. It's a fun event for the whole family!

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About Us

As a semi-pro player for 12 years, Tom Bradley wanted to start a team as an outlet for former football players. Not everyone who participates in this sport in high school or college has a chance to go pro. For those who wish to continue playing, our Katy, Texas, program is the ideal choice.

Upcoming Events

Make sure you keep in touch with the team for our exhilarating and family-based events. Whether it's a fundraiser or an away game, our website will give you all the details you need. This includes game and event times, as well as where to purchase tickets.


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